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About Ace: Academy for Clinical Education

The Acute care & Emergency( ACE) forum was initiated to serve as a common fora for knowledge & experiance sharing amongst physicians involved in the care of the Acutly ill. Established on 11th December 2011 with a handful of critical care consultants from Jaipur, the ACE platform has now evolved into a popular stage for Doctors, nurses & paramedicals practicing critical care & emergency medicine esp.in north India.

The ACE forum is aims at the promotion and advancement of acute care as a specialty in India by facilitating education and training of physicians and nurses, setting best practice standards for the care of the acutly ill patients and their families and promoting research. The ultimate aim is to raise the level of acutecare practice.

The forum offers a variety of activities that ensures excellence in patient care, education, research and advocacy.

Till date the forum has held 18 meetings and 4 workshops. Overtime this forum has evolved into a consolidated platform for sharing information and experiences in managing complicated management issues amongst physicians involved in the care of the critically ill.

In all these meetings we have been blessed with talks by some of the most accomplished doctors and gifted teachers from all across the country. We have also witnessed some very interesting case presentations from almost all major hospitals of the city. I am very happy to share that no meeting of the ACE forum has had an attendance of less than 70.



To conduct regular trainings, seminars, conferences & research to update knowledge and expertise in these medical specialties.

To promote high standard in diagnosis and management of acute and critical aspects of illness and injury affecting patients of all age groups including the very old.

To promote co-operation among its members



To promote the evolving medical fields of Emergency medicine, Critical care & Geriatrics. Aiming a goal to reach the benefits of training in Emergency medicine, Critical care & Geriatrics to the last ladder of the society by creating awareness among medical field personals.

To promote academic and scientific activity in the field of Emergency medicine, Critical care & Geriatrics.

To publish scientific papers, journals, Monographs, and text books aimed at upgrading knowledge and skill.